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"I wish to express what a pleasure it was to connect with you and Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions in the effort to recover data for one of our satellite offices. Your expediency, professionalism, and knowledge of the recovery options and methods are impressive. We are extremely happy that we decided on Taking IT Mobile for this important task."

Our need for a recovery of data from a server arose during a move of office locations. While transporting the machine a mere 10 minutes down the road, something caused both the primary and internal backup drives to fail. We were simply met with a bizarre blip and click sound, and the gut-wrenching screen text “drive not detected” at system boot up. This server held many documents important to our staff and the clients we serve that makes it possible for us to provide the service people have come to count on us for in the areas of employment, counseling, literacy and skills upgrading."

In contacting Taking IT Mobile, I was impressed by your ability to quickly lay out a series of possible recovery paths, and to go out of your way to come to us to collect the failed hardware for a cost-free initial condition analysis on a Friday night. Being able to put the drive in the hands of those who will take care of it instead of shipping it through multiple handlers was a very important part of our peace of mind. With your help and the work of your lab staff, we knew within 24 hours that a recovery attempt could be made, and a few days later that recovery was successful to better than 90% of the data. The few files lost were non-essential, replacable Windows system files for the most part, enabling us to get back to full-speed in our business of supporting our clients."

I would like to conclude by saying that Taking IT Mobile achieved quickly what we certainly could not have have done ourselves, kept us informed throughout the process, and saved us a great deal of time that would have been needed to re-build the baseline of materials for this office. I will certainly recommend your company to others when it comes to data recovery needs!"

-Paul Dobbs, Manager, Technology & Community Education, JohnHoward Society of Durham Region; Oshawa, Ontario

"I got a quote on what it would take to fix my drive in the very same day I dropped the drive off. After a few short days I had all my personal data back in my hands."

The recovery was a complete success.The entire process, from progress on the data recovery to what the expected costs would be, was entirely transparent to me. There were no surprises during or after the recovery was completed. I was extremely satisfied with the professionalism and quality of the work of Taking IT Mobile and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Many thanks!"

-Steven Wong; Toronto, Ontario

"Taking It Mobile was able to recover over 700 photos from a once-in-a-lifetime trip. This is after [Multinational Electronics Store] charged me (hundreds!) and said these photos were unrecoverable."

Taking It Mobile took on the challenge and said there would not be a charge if they could not recover the photos from my corrupt flash card. They came to my door within hours of contacting them and a day later recovered all my cherished photos."

I would recommend Taking It Mobile for any kind of data recovery--even when it appeared all hope was lost they did the job, and their service was fantastic."

-Marianne Samuel; Toronto, Ontario

"I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service and data recovery support provided by you and your staff. My hard drive crashed and it had lot of important files that were not backed up for a while."

I was worried that we won’t get our data back. But you guys did an excellent job in recovering all of our data. The entire process, from to start to finish, was very smooth, very professional and it was done for a very reasonable price."

Throughout the process, I was kept in the loop on what is going to be done, how the data will be recovered and when it is going to be completed. All my e-mails and questions were responded to very quickly."

The overall service was very good and it exceeded my expectations. In the future, if I have similar problem I will definitely use your company again and I will definitely recommend you to others. "

-Keyur Patel; Ashburn, Virginia

"Our company did everything by the book to back up and protect our data, or so we thought. Then reality hit. The backup would not reinstall..."

We took all of the media to a “techie” company that kept everything for a week and then advised that they were unable to solve the problem…"

T.I.M. was successful in recovering all of the documents and information that we needed, as well as resurrecting links to the MANY websites that we use for research, that had taken several years to accumulate."

Turnaround time was great, the successful recovery of our data was incredible, particularly since we had given up hope; and your attitude, service, and attention was beyond reproach."

-Alan G.; Toronto, Ontario

"I had just finished making breakfast for the family, when I decided to head to the office and chat on Facebook. I attempted to turn my computer on, but all I saw was a heartbreaking black screen."

Thoughts immediately ran through my mind. 'Oh my god, the wife is going to kill me', and, 'I hope I didn’t lose all my vacation, wedding and most important my daughter's baby pictures'."

I took the computer to a local store. Although they were unable to recover most of the data, they still charged me for what they did get. And they further complicated the possibility of someone else getting a recovery, by breaking the seals on the drive…"

Taking IT Mobile provided a service for which no price tag can be attached, for the memories recovered in those pictures. Who could put a price on 15 years worth of pictures, and me holding my newborn daughter for the first time?"

On behalf of my family and me, I’d like to wish you all the best with your company."

-Dimitri T.; Toronto, Ontario

"The people at Taking it Mobile diagnosed and recovered data from a drive that recently failed. The result of the recovery included a replacement drive with recovered files as well as detailed recovery reports. The service also included an explanation of the failure, a review of the recovery and support through the complete re-installation process and ended only after my system was up and running."

The service was quick, professional, friendly and took place without me having to set foot outside my office. I have no trouble recommending Taking IT Mobile as a capable, convenient, cost effective recovery solution."

-Arnold Rosenbloom, Senior Lecturer; Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences , University of Toronto, Mississauga
"In 2005 my personal hard drive crashed resulting in the loss of all of our data, including a year's worth of irreplaceable family pictures. We sent the hard drive out to three data recovery companies, who were all unsuccessful."

In 2008 the problem happened to both of our external back-up drives, we had learned from our past mistake about back-ups. The Technicians from Taking IT Mobile were able to completely recover the data in a timely and professional manner, where we had been unsuccessful with others."

-Paul Mandel, President; SF Valuations Inc., Toronto
"Thank you for saving over ten years of family photographs. And despite our money-is-no-object desperation your company was gracious in both service and pricing. The new backup service you provided gives us great peace of mind. We will definitely recommend you to our friends."

-Karen A, Richmond Hill, Ontario
"Our whole organization is very grateful for Taking IT Mobile's wonderful on-site service. The technician was very professional and knowledgeable. He arrived promptly at our office, quickly diagnosed, repaired and restored our failed database server, then showed our IT personnel how to better optimize our backup routines and help avoid future downtime."

-Frank A. Wilson, President; The Employment Solution, Toronto