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Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions recovers data from all types of computer systems. From the simplest notebook or desktop home computers and external drives, to mission-critical enterprise servers, Taking IT Mobile can get you up and running again quickly and affordably. Below is a summary of services available for computer systems.


Each desktop computer, whether it is a Mac, PC, or Linux/Unix system, internally houses one or more hard drives that store your operating system and valuable data. Desktop systems may be less likely to receive the abuse that portable systems may receive; however, they are still vulnerable to component and mechanical failures.

Symptoms indicating a data loss issue can include:

Taking IT Mobile can recover your data from any drive, any manufacturer, and with any interface.

Interface formats commonly found in today’s information technology systems:


Laptops are more susceptible to damage than desktops for the obvious reason they are portable devices that are more likely to suffer spills, bumps or other traumas, rendering them inaccessible.

Some data loss issues you may encounter with a laptop:


Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions recovers data from servers with physical and/or logical damage, due to electronic component failure, mechanical failure such as media crashes, logical corruption or human error such as deletion of data.

Below are a few of the common server types from which Taking IT Mobile's technicians can recover data.

Please note that our capabilities are not limited to the examples listed above. Please contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives to discuss your server recovery needs.

External Drives:

Taking IT Mobile recovers data stored on external USB, Firewire, and eSata drives. These external hard drives house the same type of drives found inside your laptops and desktop systems and because they are external they are portable and more susceptible to damage thus placing your data in jeopardy unless care is taken.

Some problems you may encounter are…

Taking IT Mobile technicians begin with a thorough diagnosis of the housing and finally the internal hard drive. This process helps determine whether the problem lies with the housing electronics or the internal hard drive itself. Once the problem is determined we can proceed with the best path to a full recovery.