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Taking IT Mobile recovers data from cellphones, PDA's, MP3 players and other multimedia devices. Below is a summary of services available for multimedia devices:

iPod / MP3 Players

People are increasingly using media players not only for music and videos, but also to store email and data files, or even as a backup device. Given their small size, these devices can be particularly susceptible to damage from even routine use.

Typical problems encountered with media players include:

Cell Phones / Smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.) / PDA:

Taking IT Mobile recovers lost data from cell phones, smartphones and PDAs. There is a growing trend among users of these mobile devices, to take pictures and videos and edit documents, thus making them vulnerable to data loss situations.

Please note that we can recover data only from devices that utilize external memory card media. Please contact us to determine the recoverability of your multimedia data loss.