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Data Recovery

T.I.M Data Recovery recovers data from all forms of complex storage systems; from the simplest dual-drive external backup unit to the most intricate multi-disk RAID systems used to meet the massive storage demands of today’s business.

Drive Recovery

Our expertise, experience in data recovery since the 1990’s, and top of the line, state of the art, specialized data recovery equipment, allows us to handle recovering data from all makes and models of hard drives, from legacy systems to the newest, most recent media.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Recovery

Recovering data from solid state drives presents different challenges, compared to recovering data from traditional head/platter drives. Our experience and equipment allow us to obtain recoveries in many categories of SSD failure.

Flash Recovery (Memory Sticks/Camera-Cell Phone Flash Cards)

Many computer, tablet, and cell phone users make use of flash storage devices to easily safeguard and carry a file or sets of files. This data may be very important and often warrant storage on more secure


Q : I can hear clicking sounds coming out of my computer/external hard drive. What does this mean?

A : Clicking sounds emitting from your computer or external hard drive are a clear indicator of mechanical failure with the hard drive(s). This type of failure will require a data recovery specialist. To increase your chances of a good recovery you should immediately turn off the affected external hard drive or computer and submit it to, or have it serviced on-site by, Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions.

Q : I’ve accidentally deleted some important files from my computer. Can they be recovered?

A : Accidental deletion of data is more common than losing your data due to a virus. That said, if you’ve accidentally deleted data you should first check inside your recycle bin. Most modern file systems today have a trash bin feature where deleted data first gets deposited before it’s actually deleted. The user needs to perform the action of emptying the trashcan to remove the data from the system.

If your data files are not found in the trash bin it’s not necessarily gone for good. It all depends on the amount of use the computer has had sine the delete occurred. Often, a perfect recovery can still be achieved. To increase your chances of a good recovery you should immediately turn off the affected external hard drive or computer and submit it to, or have it serviced on-site by, Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions.

Q : Can I recover deleted files myself safely with software?

A : It’s not advised you make an attempt at recovering your data. Using data recovery software often results in the user installing software on the drive containing the deleted files. Doing so will greatly reduce your chances of a successful data recovery.

Q: My computer shows a blue screen with information I don’t understand. What is this telling me?

A: What you are seeing is the infamous Microsoft “Blue Screen of Death,” and it appears when Windows experiences a critical system error. Errors of this nature can be caused by a corrupt software driver and/or a failing piece of hardware such as a hard drive. In most cases, data files from failures of this type are entirely recoverable.

Need Help Fast

Need Help Fast


Case 4640, August, 2010; Case 4725, October, 2010; Case 8800, November, 2014
I’ve used Taking IT Mobile several times, and I’m so glad I found them! When my Mac’s Western Digital hard drive failed at work, many years of old files were feared lost (backups were an issue). Thankfully, Taking IT Mobile were able to recover the valuable files in a fast, courteous and efficient way. More recently, I contacted them to recover some precious photos from a personal WD hard drive. Not only did they assist after hours in treacherous weather, they were very quickly able to recover the photos and return the recovery promptly. They are dependable, efficient and really go above and beyond! Thank you Taking IT Mobile!

Case 9123, May, 2015
I had called Data Recovery because I needed to recovery video files from a recording device for work. The device was picked up within a half hour! Less than 24 hours later I have my video back! I have never received this high level of customer service. EVER! I’m still in awe of what they did in such little time. I will definately be using them if the situation presents itself again! Thank you so much for the fast and great service!

Case 9062, April, 201
The T.I.M. group were a delight to deal with. Not only did they recover all my data from my Linux RAID system, but they spent extra time communicating with me and looking into some possible other data that I could not access myself. These guys could have said they had done their job but they insisted on assisting me further and till I was fully satisfied. I would recommend their services to anyone as they are extremely bright and professional team and I am very thankful that I found them .. a fast, friendly, and service-oriented group.

Case 8978, February 2015
As a senior, I find I rely on my computer more and more to keep in touch with friends, to preserve precious memories in photos and to organize personal and household data. It never occurred to me that it could all disappear forever in a one second hardware crash. Several computer experts attempted to retrieve my data on my OCZ SSD drive, before informing me that for my particular rare type of hardware failure there was no hope of retrieval. I was devastated! Thank goodness someone recommended that I try Taking It Mobile Data Recovery. Within a few days they worked their magic and all of my data was returned to me intact…from the pictures of my son’s wedding to the knitting pattern I have spent months writing. I will be forever grateful for their skill and expertise in the area of data recovery. Next step – learn to backup files on an external drive. Thanks to Taking It Mobile Data Recovery, my computer journey continues!!!

Case 8987, March 2015
This company was amazingly quick to respond to my data loss emergency. I had a mechanical breakdown with my external Western Digital hard drive with about 6 months of work that I had not backed up because I was side-tracked with a personal injury. I contacted several companies and none responded as quickly nor offered the benefits that Taking It Mobile Data Recovery did. I really appreciated the fact that when you deal with this company, you can speak to a person who can answer all of your questions during the process. One of the partners arrived at my school to pick up my drive the next morning and within a few days I had all of my data back in the same folders. I have already told my story to some of my colleagues and they were quite impressed. These guys are life savers and I would use them again in a heart beat! They are data rescue heroes with a personal touch!

Case 8969, February 2015
My experience with Taking IT Mobile was fantastic. The service was perfect. My fiancé thought she had lost all of her data from her phone including many precious photos. I fortunately found this great company. I loved that it was very quick, from the time I called, to the time I had a perfectly operating phone back in my hands. It was amazing!

Case 4714, October 2010
The drive holding the recovery arrived this morning. Thanks very much for the quick turnaround and the wonderful service. The TIM Online Case Tracking allowed me to review the progress your technicians were making on the project, which was great comfort. Most importantly, they were able to recover all the files on my NAS RAID device, after the array failed. I am very impressed and recommend TIM to anyone I encounter who is unfortunate enough to lose important data.

Case 8822, December, 2014
If there is any situation requiring recovery of data from failed drives (external or internal), I highly recommend the T.I.M. Data Recovery team.


Our Partners

Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions places a very high value on its technical, strategic and corporate alliances, a network of resources forged over a decade of working together in the data recovery and storage business.

At Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions, our Referring Agents are extremely important to us.

Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions is seeking agents in each specific industrial, governmental, and professional market.


Failed Storage Media Data Recovery Company In Toronto

T.I.M. Data Recovery of Toronto is a trusted and reliable data recovery service in Toronto, the GTA, the rest of Ontario and Canada, and throughout North America. When media failure happens, be sure to call us. T.I.M. Data Recovery has highly-qualified technicians and specialized data recovery equipment to be able to provide you with your most time effective data recovery solution, at the most reasonable cost. No matter the make and model of the media, T.I.M. Data Recovery has the tools and the experience to enable you to regain access to your valuable data.

The “No data, no charge” guarantee offered by T.I.M. Data Recovery of Toronto

We offer a special “no data, no charge” guarantee. If we cannot deliver your lost information, you don’t owe us a cent. The Toronto data recovery services offered by our company are affordable, and we will go the extra distance and do whatever it takes to get your lost and valuable information. Thousands of satisfied clients attest to T.I.M. Data Recovery of Toronto being the best data recovery service in Toronto. We also offer data recovery in Vaughan and data recovery in the Richmond Hill area and we will service client’s needs the same day, in a wide area, from Niagara Falls, Ontario all the way to Collingwood and Muskoka, Ontario and out to Belleville, Peterborough, and Haliburton, Ontario. We offer the best value of any Toronto data recovery company and shipping is always free.

T.I.M. Data Recovery offers Toronto Data Recovery

If you ever have a hard drive failure, your RAID server enterprise system fails, if your back-ups fail, if you need an expert data recovery service to recover data from a USB drive, an IPOD, an MP3 player or a digital camera, you can contact T.I.M. Data Recovery of Toronto and we can help you. Our company specializes in affordable data recovery with the best results. Remember, “No data, No charge.” We are seasoned veterans of the Toronto data recovery business, and we are here to serve you.

Media Disposal

What happens to a hard disk after you’re done with it? To ensure your personal data doesn’t end up in a stranger’s hands, Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions offers media disposal and recycling, as well as certified professional data erasure services.

  • Retiring Old Storage Media
  • Certified Media Erasure
  • Media Recycling Programme

Surprisingly often, people dispose of their computers and storage media in the garbage, just as they would with any other appliance no longer in use. Others pass still-working computers and hard drives along to friends, coworkers, or whomever, for a variety of very good reasons.

Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions’ Certified Media Erasure Service ensures that information on your storage media can no longer be retrieved, under any circumstances. Our state-of-the-art mobile and in-lab media imaging systems outperform typical single-pass overwrites and degausses, to guarantee security and enable worry-free hardware reuse.

It is always wise practice to remove the data from your hard drive before donating or disposing of your computer. Store-bought erasure software is largely ineffective in ensuring your information privacy and protection from identity theft. Data that has been seemingly “erased” from a hard drive is often not actually removed at all, but merely “de-allocated”, lingering on repeatedly in system areas on the disk such as swap space or file indexing tables.

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Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions delivers high quality, innovation, responsiveness and smart pricing; positioning itself to be a preferred provider of advanced data recovery and preservation solutions to businesses and home users.

Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions enters the Data Recovery, Storage and Preservation sector equipped with highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel.

Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions’ data recovery lab consists of state-of-the-art equipment, enabling the highest probability of success for all data recovery situations.

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