17 Mar

4 Ways to Backup an Android Tablet or Phone

Many people rely on their Android tablet or smartphone to perform a wide range of functions and for data storage. If you ever lost your tablet or phone, or it was accidentally damaged beyond repair, you know how devastating it can be to lose important data.

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If you didn’t have a recent backup, you might not be able to recover your files, pictures, videos, and other data from your device. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, you need to be proactive and backup your Android device frequently using one of these different methods.

Backup Option #1: Google Photos.

Most Android devices can be linked to your Google account for cloud-based backups. Google offers the ability to backup your photos and videos to Google Photos. You can perform this backup by going into the settings for your device and selecting where you want to backup and sync your photos and videos.

Backup Option #2: Google Drive

For data files stored on your Android device, you can use Google Drive to perform a backup. You will need to download the Google Drive app if it is not already on your device. Simply open the app, tap the “+” sign in the lower right, and choose what files you want to upload.

Backup Option #3: External Storage Device

You can backup your tablet or phone up to an external hard drive or USB storage device. You will need a special cable compatible with your tablet or phone to plug the USB connection into and connect it to your device. Once connected, file manage should automatically open and you choose the files on the device you want to back up to the external storage device.

Backup Option #4: Laptop or Desktop Computer

Using the USB charging cable that came with your device, you can plug it into a laptop or computer to create a backup of your device. You will need to let the computer recognize the device and install it first if you have never connected it to your computer.

Once the device is recognized, you can transfer files. The process of file transfers does vary depending on whether you have a Windows computer or a Mac computer. For example, on a Mac, use the Mac Finder or Spotlight Search to locate your Android File Transfer app. Open the app and you can now transfer data from your Android device to your Mac.

Please keep in mind the actual steps and processes required may vary based on the type of device. However, all four of these ways are available for Android devices. On newer devices, and with the right apps, you could even perform backups to your computer using Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth.

In the event, your Android tablet or phone crashes and you do not have a recent backup of data you need, the data might be able to be recovered using advanced data recovery service in Toronto available from Taking It Mobile. Please feel free to contact us at 888.877.5002 (1-888-Call-Tim) today!

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