15 Sep

5 Compelling Hard Drive Recovery Tips for Your Notebook

You will agree with me that portable devices are not foolproof. At some point in time, these devices just fail for some reason. When such devices fail, essential data is often lost. As a bigger section of the population is working remotely, the need for having tech-savvy employees keeps growing. This will ensure that your employees can safely recover the hard drives whenever they fail.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Before we dive right into the recovery tips, it is worth noting that data is not always lost whenever hard drives fail, but a specific part that points to the data in question. That is why the following recovery tips have proven helpful in solving the issue.

Hard Drive Recovery Tips:

Seek Professional Help – There are times when seeking help from an expert is just the best thing to do. When dealing with sensitive data, you just do not have room to make mistakes that will ruin your chance of getting back your data. Your best bet is to work with data recovery companies that have a track record.

Stop Using the Laptop – If while in the middle of your work you realize that your computer is not stable, it’s best that you save your work and shut down the computer. If you continue using your computer in such a state, you might further ruin it, making the recovery process even more complicated.

Use Data Recovery Apps – There are several applications designed to help with data recovery. Some of them are free, while others require a subscription. If you only need to recover a few files and you understand the recovery process, working with these apps may be a good choice. However, installing apps to a failing hard drive is risky as they often overwrite the files you intended to recover. When that happens, you stand a lower chance of succeeding with the recovery.

Connect it to a Working Computer – The other option for recovering data from a hard drive is to connect it to a computer in a good state. You can connect with the Thunderbolt 2, USB-C, or even a Firewire cable.

There are also instances when starting a computer in recovery mode or working with a bootable drive could help regain access to the computer. Once you have access, you can retrieve the files you need.

Remove the Hard Drive if possible – Removing a hard drive from a laptop could be a daunting undertaking for newbies, but this approach can also work. Once you remove it, you can plug it into a computer in a good state and diagnose the problems. If you do not have the skills to remove it, you’d rather not consider this approach as it might further damage the computer.

Hire a Data Recovery Company

If you have tried the above ways but have not been able to recover your hard drive, you may consider working with a data recovery company. Reputable firms can help you recover your files even from damaged hard drives.

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