10 Feb

6 Common Mistakes People Make When a Hard Drive Crashes

Hard drive crashes and something that you must face could happen. Whether you have a conventional SATA drive or a newer solid-state drive (SSD), you must remember, your hard drive is a complex piece of equipment. Sooner or later, they can and do wear out and crash.

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Unfortunately, people and businesses alike, tend to not plan accordingly. When their hard drive crashes, they go on to make other mistakes that could affect their ability to recover their data.

Mistake #1: Not having a backup of your hard drive.

The most common mistake made is never taking the time to back up your hard drive. Hard drives fail every day. It is better to be prepared by having a backup of your data just in case.

Mistake #2: Not running regular backups of your hard drive.

The next mistake is not having a recent backup of your hard drive. Data and files are constantly changing. You create new files, update existing ones, or even delete outdated ones you no longer need. Get into the habit of performing daily or at least, weekly backups.

Mistake #3: Running the hard drive recovery process.

Before you do anything, you need to know what went wrong and why. Running this utility could essentially make your data difficult to access and retrieve. You need to know the ramifications of what you are doing and how it can affect your data before doing it. If you are not sure what to do, give us a call.

Mistake #4: Deleting and recreating disk partitions.

Deleting and recreating partitions does not necessarily delete your data. It just makes it inaccessible. Your computer’s operating system will no longer recognize the data since it can no longer access it. You need to make sure to back up the data first, or in case of a crash, have it recovered by an expert before making changes to disk partitions.

Mistake #5: Restoring recovered data to the same hard drive and deleting your backup.

Until you determine the cause for the hard drive crash, even if you get the drive working again, you should never delete your backup. The hard drive may still have issues and could crash again.

Mistake #6: Following the operating system recommendations for hard drive errors.

Many of the error messages generated by the operating system (OS) when there are hard drive problems are generic. The OS does not know exactly what is wrong with the drive. One such recommendation is to format the hard drive to attempt to resolve the problem.

Formatting the hard drive erases all your data. It is better to get advice from a data recovery expert in Toronto if you are not sure whether to follow a recommendation or what you need to do first.

We hope by sharing these common mistakes, you avoid making them when your hard drive crashes. For help recovering data from computers, servers, removable storage devices, or other complex storage systems, please feel free to contact Taking It Mobile at 888.877.5002 (1-888-Call-Tim) today!

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