20 May

6 Signs Your Device Is Getting Ready To Fail

Technology is a wonderful thing when it works correctly. Fortunately, our devices give us ample warning signs that they are getting ready to fail. When they do, it is important to take steps to avoid data loss. Otherwise, if you don’t, you may need to rely on a data recovery service to attempt to recover data on the failed device – which isn’t always a guarantee it can be retrieved.


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Sign #1: The device reboots unexpectedly.

When a device reboots without warning, it often means the operating system encountered some sort of fault. This could indicate the device has bigger issues and could be on its way to complete failure.

Sign #2: The device or apps lock up frequently.

If you find the device or apps you are using freeze and lock up and the only thing you can do is restart them, you should not ignore this warning sign. Sometimes the operating system or app requires an update to fix this problem. Other times, there is something wrong with the device.

Sign #3: There is a noticeable amount of “lag” time when opening or closing apps or starting and shutting down the device.

If you go to open an app and it takes several minutes for it to open, or it doesn’t want to close right away, there is something wrong. The same is true when you turn on or power down the device. These things could indicate a read/write problem with the storage device.

Sign #4: You hear clicking or grinding sounds coming from the device.

On devices that use serial ATA hard drives, like your laptop, desktop, or gaming system, the moving parts can and do wear out. If you hear clicking or grinding of any kind, the hard drive is getting ready to die. There could be bad sectors and other problems that will only get worse.

Sign #5: The device’s operating system won’t start up.

If you go to turn on the device and the power light comes on, but nothing else happens, it means the storage device has failed and the operating system is no longer accessible in most cases. However, before you panic, make sure the device is fully powered down. Wait 10 minutes and try again. If it starts, the first thing you want to do is back up your data.

Sign #6: Files, data, pictures, and music have suddenly disappeared.

Another sign your device is getting ready to crash for good is when you cannot locate files, data, pictures, and music you have stored on the device. When these things disappear, it does not mean they are gone, it just means the operating system can no longer reach them. They may still be recoverable with help from a data recovery service.

By paying attention to your device and any potential warning signs it gives you, you can reduce the risks of losing your data. If you didn’t pay attention and lost data, remember we can help try to recover it.

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