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Q : I can hear clicking sounds coming out of my computer/external hard drive. What does this mean?

A : Clicking sounds emitting from your computer or external hard drive are a clear indicator of mechanical failure of the hard drive(s). This type of failure will require a data recovery specialist. To increase your chances of a good recovery you should immediately turn off the affected external hard drive or computer and submit it to Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions.

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Q : I’ve accidentally deleted some important files from my computer. Can they be recovered?

A : Accidental deletion of data is more common than losing your data due to a virus. If you’ve accidentally deleted data you should first check inside your recycle bin. Most modern file systems today have a trash bin feature where deleted data first gets deposited before it’s actually deleted. The user needs to perform the action of emptying the trashcan to remove the data from the system.

If your data files are not found in the trash bin it’s not necessarily gone for good. It all depends on the amount of use the computer has had since the delete occurred. Often, a reasonably good recovery can still be achieved. To increase your chances of a good recovery you should immediately turn off the affected external hard drive or computer and submit it to Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions.

Q : Can I recover deleted files myself safely with software?

A : Using data recovery software may result in overwriting the area of the storage device which contains the lost data. Doing so can reduce your chances of a successful data recovery.

Q : What are some of the common reasons for data loss?

A: All storage media will eventually fail due to age, if not earlier due to other circumstances. Data loss is typically a result of one or more of the following, but not limited to:

  • Computer viruses
  • Mechanical failure caused by:
    • Age
    • Physical shock or trauma
    • Electrical or static shock
    • Fire or water damage
    • Liquid Spills
    • Human error
    • File system corruption
  • Human error
  • File system corruption

The most common causes of data loss are human error and mechanical media failure.

Q: My computer shows a blue screen with information I don’t understand. What is this telling me?

A: What you are seeing is the infamous Microsoft “Blue Screen of Death,” and it appears when a Windows system experiences a critical system error. Errors of this nature can be caused by corrupt systems software and/or a failing piece of hardware such as a hard drive. In many cases, data files from failures of this type are recoverable.

Q: Why should I send my media to Taking IT Mobile for Data Recovery?

A: The entire T.I.M. Data Recovery staff has been doing data recovery, and nothing but data recovery, since the 1990’s. The long experience and dedication to the field, means that you are putting your important data in the hands of a staff with the experience, world wide connections, and ample state-of-the-art equipment, to give you the best chance of timely success.

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Q: How long does a data recovery take?

A: Some data recovery tasks can be completed the same day, if started early in the day.

Most recoveries usually require two to five days, while complex recoveries requiring media be opened in a clean room for the attempt, may sometimes take additional days. Mission-critical emergency service is available for those requiring around the clock recovery effort.

In ALL cases, the recovery will be completed in as short a time as the complexity of the situation allows.

Q: How much data can be recovered?

A: In many cases, ALL of the data will be recovered.

If there is physical damage, if the damaged area does not coincide with the physical location containing the critical data, many, most or all of the required files may be recovered.

If there is overwrite, most or all of the important files may lie in areas BEYOND the overwrite, so they may be recovered.

There are some cases in which physical damage or overwrite will irretrievably damage important files, and they cannot be recovered by anyone on the planet. In ALL other instances, T.I.M. Data Recovery WILL recover the data.

Q: Will the confidentiality of my data be safeguarded?

A: We are bound by our Terms of Service document which begins your recovery process. In that document, there is a clause which guarantees the confidentiality of your data during our recovery efforts. Please review it carefully, and confirm that it meets your needs. In addition, if you wish us to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality document should your organization require one, we would be happy to do so.

Q: How should I ship my media to you, to begin the recovery process?

A: You can ensure the physical safety of your storage media during shipping, by following these relatively simple instructions:

Place your media in an anti-static bag, or wrap it in anti-static material.

Pack your storage media TIGHTLY (absolutely NO movement of the media should be possible) in a box which can adequately hold the media, and your packaging materials, secure.

Include, in the box together with your media, a copy of the completed evaluation request form.

Ship your package to the T.I.M. Data Recovery lab facility at the address provided in the Contact Us section.

Q: Are all the drives of a RAID system required, for data recovery?

A: Yes, please include ALL the drives of your RAID system or complex disk array, in order to maximize your chance for a successful recovery. Controllers or RAID boxes/cases are NOT needed, just the drives are needed.

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