12 Jul

Apple Recalls MacBook Pros Models Due to Risks of Fire

Apple started a recall of select MacBook Pros with 15-inch displays earlier this summer after complaints the laptops were catching on fire. The problem has been traced to faulty lithium batteries. Apple has a list of what models are affected by the recall on their website.

Apple Recalls MacBook

In addition to the Apple recall, the FAA in the United States and the CATSC in Canada have initiated airline bans on these same models of MacBook Pros. If you have an affected model, you cannot include it in your checked luggage or carry it onboard a plane.

It is up to you to determine if you have an affected model. However, for the safety of all passengers, crew, and the plane, it is well worth your time to check Apple’s website. If your laptop is on the list of recalled models, you can have it fixed for free at your nearest Apple Store or by contacting Apple support and sending it in.

Apple is replacing the lithium batteries with new ones that do not have the risk of exploding. Having your laptop repaired makes sense as it helps prevent accidental explosions and damage to your laptop. Not to mention you get a brand new battery for your laptop so you can get more life out of your current computer.

What If My MacBook Pro Caught on Fire?

If your MacBook Pro is one of the affected models and the battery caused a fire, Apple may replace the laptop free of charge. It is entirely at their discretion. Most likely, given the recall due to the faulty lithium battery, they will replace it. Yet, if you knew your model was affected and continued to use it, then they may decide to not replace it.

How Can I Get My Data Off My MacBook Pro?

If your MacBook Pro caught on fire, there can be several effective ways to recover data from the internal hard drive. If you recently synched your data with iCloud, then you just need to download the data onto a new MacBook Pro.

Another option, if the hard drive is still functioning, is to install it into a working MacBook Pro that has had the battery problem fixed. Then you just need to perform a backup of the data to the iCloud or removable storage.

If you hadn’t performed an iCloud backup recently, you can have our data recovery service attempt to recover your data. We would need the hard drive from the damaged MacBook Pro. If we can recover the data, we can put it on a removable USB drive, back it up to the cloud or burn it onto DVD or Blu-ray, depending on how you want to receive the recovered data.

In the event we cannot recover your data, there is no charge for our service. For help recovering data from your MacBook Pro or other storage devices you can no longer access, please feel free to contact Taking It Mobile at 888.877.5002 (1-888-Call-TIM) today!

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