15 Aug

Hackers Are Hacking Smartphones More Than Computers

As smartphone usage has grown, more and more people are keeping a ton of personal and financial information right on their phones. This is a hacker’s paradise since it offers a wealth of information.

Hackers are finding ways to exploit people to get access to everything they need. Even though Apple, Android, and Google take steps to improve security on their devices, hackers aren’t attempting to exploit those vulnerabilities as much.

Smartphones hacking

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Traveling to Florida for Your Holiday? Be Aware of Skimmers

A growing problem in Florida is the use of skimmers on credit card machines. Skimmers are small devices attached over the actual card reader. When you insert your card, the device reads your card information and then sends it electronically to the person who installed it.

Skimming devices have grown more complex in recent years. As soon as steps are taken to identify current devices, the criminals have already developed a new method of skimming card numbers.


data recovery services Toronto

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27 Feb

Options for Recovering Data from a Dead Computer or Hard Drive

We’ve all been there before: You are working on your computer and all of sudden for no reason the computer shuts itself down and won’t power back on. Then there are times we accidently delete a file we did not intend to and worry it is lost forever.

Fortunately, with either of these situations, your data may not be permanently lost. The most important thing to do is to stop using the computer until you can troubleshoot and diagnose what went wrong. Deleted data is not always permanently gone right away. However, it could be lost if it gets written over.

Options for Recovering Data from a Dead Computer or Hard Drive

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Tips on How to Avoid Holiday Scams this Holiday Season

From scammers to hackers, fraudsters attempt every holiday season to take advantage of you if you are not careful. With the holiday season underway, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the more common holiday scams you may encounter and what you can do to prevent becoming a victim.


How to Avoid Holiday Scams


  1. Fake Online Websites

Scammers and hackers will create “look-a-like” websites that mimic popular online retailers. The key difference is in the web address, which will be something similar, but not the actual website. For instance, shop-amazon.ca instead of amazon.ca or amazon.com.

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