09 May

Could You Be the Victim of Identity Theft?

Identify theft is a major problem people need to be concerned with and take steps to help protect their personal information. There are numerous ways for unsavory people and hackers to obtain your information and steal your identity. Recovering from identify theft is costly and time consuming. For some people, they spend countless years trying to undo the damage caused from having their identities stolen. In some cases, the damage never really goes away.

It is easy to become complacent and not give much thought to how you are using your electronic devices, especially in public places. The prevalence of free Wi-Fi hot spots encourages people to connect online through their mobile devices. The problem with these connections, is in most cases they are through open and unsecured connects, which could potentially be hacked. The easiest way to avoid this is to disable mobile devices from automatically connecting to available Wi-Fi hot spots.

In addition, being aware of your surroundings and people around you in public places is essential to protecting your personal information. Someone could easily be looking over your shoulder and watching as you enter passwords on your devices, as well as reading what is on your screen as you are using the device. The best way to prevent unwanted spying is to avoid accessing personal information or entering passwords in public places when there are too many people around you.

Identity theft goes beyond protecting your personal information on your current electronic devices. Anytime you upgrade your computer, tablet, or smartphone, your old devices could contain tons of personal information. It is never a good idea to simply give away an old device without taking precautions to ensure all of your personal information has been properly removed.

Simply deleting files and data from the device is not sufficient as there are still small data remnants leftover. Someone with the right hacking skills and tools could easily restore the delete data and get access to your personal information.

Even in cases where the device stopped working because the hard drive failed, there is still risks, as there are various methods for recovering data from nonworking devices. It is better to have a qualified and experienced hard disk recovery company in Toronto evaluate the nonworking device and determine whether data is retrievable.

If the data is retrievable, the recovery service will provide you with all of the data from the nonworking device and can provide recommendations for the correct method of disposal, without the risks of potential data theft. Further, for all of your old working devices, you can inquire about media recycling programmes, where your data is wiped cleaned from the device and you never have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

For more information about data recovery and media disposal services in Toronto and the GTA, contact Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions today at 888.877.5002.

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