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Retiring Old Storage Media - takingitmobile

Surprisingly often, people dispose of their computers and storage media in the garbage, just as they would with any other appliance no longer in use. Others pass still-working computers and hard drives along to friends, coworkers, or whomever, for a variety of very good reasons.


What these folks may not realize is that these media can, and often do, eventually fall into the hands of someone with the intent and ability to mine data from your storage media including financial, personal and legal information, for the purposes of identity theft, fraud and other malicious wrongdoings.

Securing your private information in an increasingly digitized world can be a daunting and costly process, but Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions can take the worry out of your storage media disposal needs. Our free Media Recycling Programme will see your disposed hard drives wiped clean of every last byte of data (where their operability allows), then disassembled for parts and for use in training situations.

This complimentary service is available to anyone wishing to securely dispose of hard disk storage media.

For companies and individuals wishing to reuse their good, working storage media, but require the assurance that their sensitive data is secure, Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions provides in-lab and (in the Greater Toronto area) on-site, Certified Data Erasure Services which employ the latest media imaging technology to ensure that every last byte of every sector of that media has been overwritten, repeatedly and systematically, then verified to be successful.

Customers opting for Certified Data Erasure will receive a detailed media report containing our written guarantee, signed and dated by the technician who performs the erasure, ensuring that your storage media has been comprehensively wiped of any and all data. You are then free to reuse or redistribute that media as you wish, with the confidence of privacy and security of your information.

Please contact our head office to learn more about Taking IT Mobile and the securing or disposal of your old storage media.

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