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Certified Media Erasure - takingitmobile

Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions’ Certified Media Erasure Service ensures that information on your storage media can no longer be retrieved, under any circumstances. Our state-of-the-art mobile and in-lab media imaging systems outperform typical single-pass overwrites and degausses, to guarantee security and enable worry-free hardware reuse.

data security

Every bit, byte and sector of your decommissioned media is first set to zero, followed by a second pass in which every bit is set to 1. This is the digital equivalent of “painting over” your data in black, and then white, so there are no traces of former data detectable even by the most sinister trickery. Finally, a third pass will proliferate the entire media with a meaningless, repeating binary pattern. We can even “watermark” your media with any signature or message you’d like it to have.

Each erasure pass is subsequently audited by a relentless series of programmatic verifications to further enhance the certainty of the process.

Erasure can be performed by individual computer, hard drive or other media. We can also accommodate the comprehensive wiping of any sized group of computers or storage media, in preparation for redeployment, resale, or otherwise.

Every Taking IT Mobile media erasure includes a detailed procedure report and certificate, guaranteeing your data’s absence from the post-processed media.

To learn more about Taking IT Mobile’s Certified Data Erasure services, please contact our head office and one of our customer agents will be pleased to assist you.

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