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Media Recycling Programme - takingitmobile


It is always wise practice to remove the data from your hard drive before donating or disposing of your computer. Store-bought erasure software is largely ineffective in ensuring your information privacy and protection from identity theft. Data that has been seemingly “erased” from a hard drive is often not actually removed at all, but merely “de-allocated”, lingering on repeatedly in system areas on the disk such as swap space or file indexing tables.
Anyone wishing to securely decommission a storage media device while allowing its continued use, or otherwise, may take advantage of our on-site or in-lab Certified Media Erasure Services.

If you are planning to dispose of your hard drive, we provide a complimentary Media Recycling Programme, wherein you may bring us your 2.5″ (laptop), 3.5″ (desktop) hard drives, or microdrives for secure, private and eco-friendly disposal.

Drives submitted to Taking IT Mobile for recycling will be comprehensively wiped of every last byte of data from the media’s platters (when the drive’s mechanical condition allows), and subsequently disassembled for use as parts and/or training exercises.

Once a drive’s usefulness as a cadaver is exhausted, the chassis, along with any remaining unused parts are then environmentally recycled to the fullest extent possible. Some eco-facts about recycling hard drives:

  • A typical desktop hard drive chassis contains over one pound of recyclable aluminum.
  • Recycling the aluminum from a single desktop hard drive makes enough energy to:
    • power a 100-watt bulb for over 120 hours.
    • power a television for over 100 hours.
    • power an electric vehicle for 100 kilometers.
  • Recycling aluminum is 95% more energy efficient than producing aluminum from raw ore.
  • Recycling aluminum produces 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution than producing aluminum from raw ore.

So give your carbon footprint a little break on us; bring your decommissioned hard drives to Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions, and we’ll do our part to ensure your data’s privacy, and make a small difference for our planet, too.


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