09 Aug

How to Dispose of Old Hard Drives

As technology continues to advance, so too does our collection of outdated computers and mobile devices. How you dispose of your older equipment and hard drives is important. There are numerous disposal methods you can find online, some of which suggest unsafe and non-environmentally friendly methods such as:

  • Tossing the equipment and hard drive into a fire.
  • Using hydrochloric acid and other dangerous chemicals.
  • Drilling holes or hammering nails into the hard drive.

Trying to burn the equipment or using dangerous chemicals could result in chemical reactions as well is potential explosions. While beating nails through a hard drive and taking out your computer frustrations on it can sound appealing, it does not necessarily get rid of the data on the drive.

Another aspect of old equipment and hard drive disposal you need to know is these items cannot simply be thrown out in the trash. The devices can contain mercury, lead, and other harmful byproducts that should never end up in a landfill and potentially leach into fresh water supplies.

For business owners the disposal of old equipment often becomes an ongoing project. They need to wipe old hard drives, find somewhere to donate the equipment to and repeat this process every few years. Unfortunately, many people think if they format the hard drive, it takes care of wiping out any data, but this is not the case.

Formatting a drive leaves remnants of the data, which could be recovered by someone with the right skills and software. Even with the so-called “high level” formatting apps on the market today, it does not guarantee the data is gone forever. The only way to ensure your data has been completely destroyed is with help from a hard drive data and media disposal service, like us, here at Taking It Mobile Data Solutions, Inc.

We offer Certified Media Erasure Services to guarantee security and provide you with worry-free hard drive reuse. Whether you plan on donating the equipment, selling it on eBay, or taking it to your local computer equipment recycling centre, you can rest assured whatever was on the drive is long gone and no longer recoverable. If the hard drive has long since died, we offer data recovery solutions to get the data off of the drive before it is erased.

For businesses and people in the GTA, we are pleased to offer onsite evaluations for any sized group of computers, hard drives, and other storage media you want data erased or recovered. For those outside of the GTA, we offer similar services in our state-of-the-art lab. Simply contact us today by calling 905.597.6223 for more information and to arrange service.

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