15 Nov

Impact of Coronavirus on the Data Recovery Industry: Is this Industry Foolproof?

Late 2019 marked the beginning of another pandemic that almost brought the world to a standstill. The coronavirus slowly joined the world consciousness, and soon, the pandemic claimed millions of lives, affected the school system, and caused a global economic turmoil no one ever anticipated.

Data Recovery Industry

Upon the World Health Organization declaration on March 11th as a global pandemic, the virus caused fears and anxiety, and no one knew what to expect next. Even though things are slowly getting back to normal, the impact of the pandemic is still fresh and intimidating in various parts of the globe. Most of the businesses are still closed, and the ones in operation are still nursing the shock from the pandemic.

Though the data recovery industry is somewhat resilient, this industry, too, faced a host of problems. Some businesses closed down, others laid off some staff, while others were able to navigate through the pandemic by inventing new ways of continuing with their operations. There was chaos in all the countries that reported the disease. But one thing for sure is, the magnitude of the effect is not equal among nations. Some countries have reported devastating impacts from the virus, while others have been less hit. The vaccine has helped curb the spread of the virus, and economies are gradually opening up. The problem, though, is that many people globally have not been fully vaccinated.

If there is a time we need to be extra innovative, then this is the time. Companies need to devise new ways to make their operations and systems foolproof. The need for investing in staff training and technology keeps growing. The pandemic has taught us that nothing is permanent and that workplace dynamics keep changing.

It is time to take a look at where we have come from and plan to get back for a better cause of action. It is time to prepare to re-enter the world of data recovery with better services, fast and reliable. That is what we are still dedicated to doing for our clients. That is the promise we still hold to at Taking IT Mobile Data Recovery.

Anticipated Slow Recovery

Whereas we are still dedicated to serving our clients with our prompt data recovery services, we expect delays once we resume our operations. As you will easily agree with us, data recovery services are not part of the essential services, and we may not expect to get back on our feet soon. Furthermore, cases may come in slowly. But all in all, we shall always offer our clients the kind of recovery services they expect from us.

If you are trying to access these services from us, we request you to kindly hold on a little more as we wait to get back to our offices. We hope things will get back to normal soon and that we will not be able to resume our operations fully.

Until then, you keep safe with your family.

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