“I wish to express what a pleasure it was to connect with Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions in the effort to recover data for one of our satellite offices. Their expediency, professionalism, and knowledge of the recovery options and methods are impressive. We are extremely happy that we decided on Taking IT Mobile for this important task.

Our need for a recovery of data from a server arose during a move of office locations. While transporting the machine a mere 10 minutes down the road, something caused both the primary and internal backup drives to fail. We were simply met with a bizarre blip and click sound, and the gut-wrenching screen text “drive not detected” at system boot up. This server held many documents important to our staff and the clients we serve that makes it possible for us to provide the service people have come to count on us for in the areas of employment, counseling, literacy and skills upgrading.

In contacting Taking IT Mobile, I was impressed by their ability to quickly lay out a series of possible recovery paths, and to go out of their way to come to us to collect the failed hardware for a cost-free initial condition analysis on a Friday night. Being able to put the drive in the hands of those who will take care of it instead of shipping it through multiple handlers was a very important part of our peace of mind. With their help, we knew within 24 hours that a recovery attempt could be made, and a few days later that recovery was successful to better than 90% of the data. The few files lost were non-essential, replaceable Windows system files for the most part, enabling us to get back to full-speed in our business of supporting our clients.

I would like to conclude by saying that Taking IT Mobile achieved quickly what we certainly could not have done ourselves, kept us informed throughout the process, and saved us a great deal of time that would have been needed to re-build the baseline of materials for this office. I will certainly recommend them to others when it comes to data recovery needs!”
Paul Dobbs, Manager, Technology & Community Education, JohnHoward Society of Durham Region; Oshawa, Ontario; Case 4965

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