29 Dec

7New Year’s Resolutions for the Tech Savvy and Not-so-Tech Savvy Person

New Year’s is a time for resolutions about all those things we want to accomplish in the coming year. For most of us, it means revisiting old resolutions we fell short on in previous years and making some new ones. No matter what resolutions you make for 2019, remember to include some or all of these:

7New Year’s Resolutions for the Tech Savvy


  1. Set reminders to go to the fitness center on your smartphone. Use your smartphone to help remind you to workout and exercise. Having a reminder often makes us more likely to stick to our new workout routines and not give up as quickly.
  2. Recycle all of your old devices. If getting rid of excess clutter is on your list of resolutions, don’t forget about the closet and drawer full of old tablets, smartphones, laptops, and computers. Take them to your nearest recycling center after removing your personal information from them.
  3. Change all of your passwords. If you have the bad habit, like most of us, and use the same username and password for all of your online sites and email accounts, the New Year is a great time to change them. Make sure to use different passwords for each online account to reduce your risks of identity theft and hacking.
  4. Back up your devices. This is one resolution we can all benefit from to ensure we don’t lose all of our pictures, videos and important files if our devices crash, fail, or get broken. Cloud storage is a good choice for performing backups since you can access and restore files on just about any device or computer with a secure internet connection.
  5. Download fitness and weight loss apps that give you “achievements.” If you are familiar with video games, achievements mark your progress through a game and reinforce our gaming accomplishments. Having an app that rewards you with a special badge, sticker, or other such thing is also a great tool to reinforce fitness and weight loss goals.
  6. Spend time offline and disconnected. Leave your devices behind and go spend some time outdoors enjoying wintertime activities, like ice skating. If you don’t like the cold, there are plenty of indoor fitness centres, where you can walk, jog, or swim without any distractions.
  7. Learn how to use a new app or device. If you are technology-challenged, a good resolution you can make is to learn how to use a new app or device. You can find self-help books that teach you everything you need to know.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and good luck on meeting your New Year’s Resolutions in 2019! If you come across an old computer, mobile device, gaming system or other storage device that no longer works, but has data on it you want, call Taking It Mobile at 888.877.5002 (1-888-Call-TIM) for help with professional data recovery solutions!

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