20 Jul

Are Personal Computers Going Extinct?

In recent years, the number of personal computer (PC) sales for both desktop and laptop computers has been on a steady downward decline. Part of the reason for the reduction in sales stems from people being able to do most everything they want on their smartphone or tablet device, and even some things they cannot on a PC.

Are Personal Computers Going Extinct

Some analysts are predicting the PC will be extinct within the next ten to fifteen years as new and emerging technologies continue to change how people access content offline and online. Others have a more reserved look at this technology market segment and believe the PC will still be around for quite some time. However, the PC as we know it will be transformed to make it more competitive with portable devices.

We can already start to see some of this transformation occurring in laptop computers. Some manufacturers are rolling out compact laptops that offer the flexibility of a tablet and a computer all in a single design. Microsoft’s Surface is a good example of such a device. It offers touchscreen-friendliness users like with their tablet, and a detachable keyboard so it can be converted into a “laptop-like” computer.


Another change already occurring in some of these compact laptop designs is in regards to storage space. Rather than install a large capacity hard disk drive or solid state drive, there is a much smaller flash memory device used to contain the operating system and other data, while everything else is stored in the Cloud or ran as a “software-as-a-service” over the Internet.

In regards to desktops, their designs are changing too. There are “all-in-one” designs that contain the computer and monitor in a single machine. Your traditional “box-type” computers are even getting smaller and smaller and starting to adapt similar strategies being used with the newer compact laptops.

While sales are down and PCs are starting to undergo transformations to adapt to consumers’ needs, honestly, they are most likely going to be around for the foreseeable future for several reasons:

  1. Most businesses are slow to adapt to new and emerging technologies due to budgetary and financial constraints and tend to stick with what is familiar.
  2. Computer gamers need robust and powerful machines and will continue to invest in upscale gaming PCs.
  3. Older generations are more comfortable with mouse/keyboard setups will continue to prefer using PCs to get online, especially since it easier for some people to read/see the computer screen compared to smartphones or tablets.
  4. The price of PCs will continue to be less expensive than the latest tablets and smartphones and will fit better into peoples’ budgets.

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