18 Oct

Problems Accessing Data? Use Professional Data Recovery Services in Toronto

We rely heavily upon our laptop and desktop computers, external storage drives, sim cards, and mobile devices. People store all sorts of data on these electronic devices, from documents and spreadsheets to pictures and videos. Even though technologies have improved in recent years, these devices are still prone to mechanical and component failures. When they do fail, it often seems like the end of the world because of all the data that is no longer accessible.

However, there are several symptoms that point to potential data loss, as well as methods that can be utilized to help recover data in the event of a mechanical or component failure. If you are able to recognize potential problem-causing symptoms, you normally have an opportunity to save your data before it becomes more difficult to retrieve and requires professional data recovery services in Toronto.

Common Symptoms Indicating a Mechanical or Component Failure

Some of the more common symptoms that indicate the device could fail in the near future include:

  • Unable to open files or launch applications. If you notice the device has a spinning arrow or just sits there when clicking on an application or attempting to open files, it indicates a problem accessing the content.
  • Problems booting (starting) the computer or device. When a device does not start, there are several underlying causes and potential resolutions.
  • System freezing when trying to backup or transfer data from one location to another. Devices that lock up typically mean a memory error, but also could indicate certain components are starting to fail within the device.
  • A clicking sound on devices with internal hard drives. A clicking sound often indicates the hard drive is getting ready to fail and it is having difficulties spinning.
  • Data corruption/bad disk drive errors. A hard drive is broken down into different sectors and segments. When one of these goes bad, the data can become corrupt or you will notice disk drive error notifications on the device’s screen.

If you are able to access your files, it is a good idea to back them up to an external storage device right away. If you are not able to access your files, discontinue using the device. In both situations, contact a data recovery service for assistance. You do not want to risk causing a complete device failure.

Other issues that can make accessing data on your device problematic range from getting a virus and unwanted spy-ware on the hard drive to accidents. There are a wide range of accidents that can damage your devices, such as water damage, fire, accidentally dropping the device, spilling liquids onto the device, and more.

Methods to Recover Data

Data recovery is possible in many cases, depending upon the exact problem the device is experiencing. If you live in the GTA, you can get an onsite evaluation and data recovery services. If you live outside the GTA, you can get an evaluation of your device by requesting offsite in-lab services. There is special advanced equipment used to attempt to recover your data. To book an onsite evaluation in the GTA or in-lab service, contact Taking IT Mobile today at 1-888-877-5002. Our trademark slogan is “No Data – No Charge.”

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