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Complex Data Recovery In Toronto - Taking It Mobile

A non-functioning RAID box, or data loss suffered on a non-standard system, does not necessarily mean your lost files are gone forever.

Choose T.I.M. Data Recovery to perform your complex data recovery. If your lost data is at all recoverable, we will recover it. Our laboratory technicians have a wealth of experience recovering lost or corrupted data from failed multiple-disk arrays, and a wide variety of non-standard file systems :

Raid / NAS / SAN :

T.I.M. Data Recovery recovers data from all forms of complex storage systems; from the simplest dual-drive external backup unit to the most intricate multi-disk RAID systems used to meet the massive storage demands of today’s business.

For a detailed listing of the RAID and multi-disk storage media from which we recover data, please refer to our Technical Capabilities page.

For the majority of complex storage cases, our technicians will require access to only the hard drives found within the outer shell of your storage device. There are some instances that require us to utilize the entire storage device, along with its peripherals, in order to reconstruct the array and gain access to your data. To better determine your needs, please contact us, and we would be happy to provide guidance in the best handling of your particular situation.

Linux / Unix Variants :

Not so long ago, UNIX file systems could only be found in educational institutions and in big business. With the advent of Linux and its prominent free and open source software, more people have turned to Linux as their operating system of choice.

As Linux and UNIX variants become more mainstream, there is an ever-increasing need to service the growing list of users when those users experience a data loss or media failure.

Common Examples of Linux / UNIX data loss situations :

  • Accidental deletion of data file(s)
  • Accidental file system format
  • Partition table corruption due to fdisk
  • Malfunctioning hard drive
  • Corrupted Inodes
Database / Application Recovery :

At T.I.M. we know how important your databases are to your companies survival. Knowing this we’ve designed in house techniques and processes to deal with any situation that may arise with your database problem.

Once our technicians have completed the analysis of your database we will provide you with a free quotation and time frame for recovering your data. Once you have approved the quote, our file structure engineers will then rebuild the database or data file, and check for integrity to insure your systems can return to a functional state.

Frequent causes of data loss from databases and other data files :

  • Database file overwritten accidentally
  • Corrupted pages
  • Records accidentally deleted
  • Table corruption
  • Database backup file not recognizable

We support the following databases :

  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS Exchange

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