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Traditionally, on-site data recovery has been a service available exclusively to large companies and emergency continuity scenarios, primarily due to high cost and large, delicate equipment not suitable for travel. Today, Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions brings data recovery to the doors of GTA homes and businesses for affordable prices. TIM introduces innovations such as TIMpod™, the world’s most advanced portable data recovery mechanism, supplemented by experience and ability.

Our mobile storage media technicians are ready with the skill and equipment to safely and accurately diagnose media failures and, often, recover the data, right in our client’s premises. There are many advantages to on-site data recovery beyond the obvious convenience; having a Taking IT Mobile technician “first on the scene” can improve your odds of success:

  • Start with a professional : The possibility of recovery can be reduced, or even negated, if precautions are not exercised every step of the way. Maximize your chances of regaining access to vital data, by having our experienced personnel using the world’s most advanced equipment, be your first step.
  • Handle with care : Storage media internals can be very delicate, especially the motorized hard disks found in most computer systems, as well many of today’s popular devices. Ensure the best possible results by avoiding risks associated with the handling, packaging and shipping of your media, by having a Taking IT Mobile On-Site Technician attend to it on the spot. Media needing to go to our labs will be transported in static-free, shockproof containers and will be in our hands from your door, all the way to your completed recovery.
  • Let me explain : Anyone who has experienced computer problems knows how hard it can be to explain the circumstances by phone or email. Putting a professional technician in the room with the user can enhance our ability to diagnose, avoid errors and to better solve the puzzles inherent in failed storage media. During the on-site recovery process, our technicians can also help you map your directories, and separate your important files from any unneeded system and application data.
  • What should I do now? Our on-site technicians can assist you with the reintegration of your recovered data onto a new system, as well as advising you a wide range of data preservation solutions to help make you sure you never suffer another data loss.

For the best odds of a successful data recovery, put your media in the hands of Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions. If your data is important to you, let us help. To request an on-site evaluation with a professional Taking IT Mobile technician, click here or call 1.888.877.5002.

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