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Removable Media Data Recovery In Toronto - Taking It Mobile

T.I.M. Data Recovery recovers data from all disks, tapes and other forms of removable media. Whatever type of storage media failure you have experienced, T.I.M. Data Recovery can get you up and running again quickly and affordably. Below is a summary of services available for removable media.


T.I.M. Data Recovery technicians can recover your valuable data stored on either CDs or DVDs. Our technicians have extensive knowledge of the file systems used to store data on these media. If the data is present, T.I.M. Data Recovery can recover it.

Generally, CDs and DVDs tend to be quite vulnerable to damage. For example, disks are commonly left outside of their protective cases, leaving their data surfaces exposed to damage.

Some causes of inaccessibility of CD or DVD media :

  • CD / DVD drive spins up and down
  • Computer hangs
  • Scratch marks on media
  • Cracked media
  • Missing top layer (~) from media
  • Media errors
Floppy / ZIP Disks

T.I.M. Data Recovery recovers data from floppy disks and ZIP disks of all sizes and formats.

Floppy and Zip disks suffer from media wear more than any other media used to store data. This is because the media itself is thin and flimsy and the read / write heads continuously move back and forth across the media reading data thus causing the disk to degrade.

Some problems you may face with Floppy media :

  • Floppy clicks inside floppy reader
  • ZIP drive clicks when media inserted (click of death)
  • System hangs when reading media
  • Unable to access key structure areas
  • Media errors

Memory Cards

The process of recovering data from memory cards is focused at retrieving data that has been deleted and/or corrupted due to improper use, human error, or physical abuse from mishandling.

Memory devices from which we can recover lost data include :

  • SmartMedia
  • Compact Flash Type I and II
  • Memory Stick
  • miniSD
  • Microdrives
  • USB thumb drives

If you’re experiencing a data loss situation, avoid using off the shelf data recovery software. Such applications can decrease your chances of a good recovery. You may have but a single chance at a successful recovery. Don’t risk it with off-the-shelf generic software; call T.I.M. Data Recovery to greatly enhance your chances for success.

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