22 Apr

Remember to Spring Clean Your Electronic Devices

When most people think about spring cleaning, they focus on cleaning up their homes, getting rid of excess clutter, and making some renovations or improvements to their living spaces. However, they tend to overlook spring cleaning their electronic devices too!

Remember to Spring Clean Your Electronic Devices
Over the course of a year, you can acquire a large amount of data from pictures and videos to email messages and files. It can be beneficial to set aside a few hours to go through your devices and get rid of anything on them you no longer want, need or use.
In some cases, some of the data you no longer want that is stored on your devices could contain sensitive information. Deleting any data like this you no longer need can help reduce the risks of having it stolen by a hacker.
As you are going through the data on your devices, also remember to review your software apps. It is not uncommon to have downloaded an app to try it out. Maybe you used it for a few months, but now, no longer even use it.
Some devices now have a feature that allow you to “off-load” apps you do not use that often. Rather than fully delete the app from the device, it retains essential data for the app, but deletes everything else. When you need to use the app, you just click on it and it will download and reinstall the data it deleted when you “off-loaded” it.
Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Devices
Before you start deleting data off your devices, it is a good idea to make a complete data backup. This way if you accidently delete something you wanted to keep, it will still be in your data backup. You can back up data to an external storage device, burn it to DVD or Blu-Ray, or upload it to the Cloud.
• For large data files, like videos and pictures, using a large storage capacity external device or the Cloud is often better than burning them to disc.
• For sensitive data that contains personal information or proprietary business information, make sure the files are password protected if you do not delete them.
• Never keep attachments with sensitive data in email accounts. Instead, download the file and delete the email. Only keep the file for an extended period of time if you absolutely must do so.
• If you “sync” data between devices, sync them before you spring clean the data. Additionally, make sure to spring clean both devices before doing another sync. Otherwise you could end up with data back on the device you just cleaned up.
If you accidently delete data and forgot to include it in your backup, or experience a device failure and want to attempt to recover data, help is available from Taking It Mobile. We offer professional data recovery services for individuals and businesses across Canada, with mobile assistance to get the failed device into our lab in the GTA. Please feel free to contact us at 888.877.5002 or 1-888-Call-TIM today!

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