02 Nov

Samsung Galaxy Note 7s Are Banned on Airplanes

If you were one of the million people that rushed out to get the Galaxy Note 7 when it was released, you now have a potentially harmful phone in your pocket that could catch fireoe even explode. When incidents started coming in with the new phone, Samsung initiated a recall after 35 different reports. However, not everyone was convinced there was an actual issue with the phone.

Some people thought those experiencing problems with the Note 7 was due to how they were using and abusing their smartphone, not with its actual design. Although, after Samsung made the announcement for the recall, the number of exploding, overheating, and fire-catching phones quadrupled!

Initially Samsung attempted to remedy the problem by issuing replacement Note 7s to anyone that had turned their initial one in for an exchange. The replacement phones were believed to be safe and fixed the problem which had been causing the other phones to explode, overheat, or start fires. Yet, after rolling out the so-called safe phones, these too, started having the same problems.

With this news, on October 13, 2016, Samsung decided to officially recall every Galaxy Note 7 that had been sold or replaced. While Samsung has a long recovery in store to reestablish the level of confidence in its phones, there are still numerous Note 7s out there that people have not turned back in for one reason or another.

Some people might not have experienced any problems with their phone. Is it possible some of the phones are completely safe? Possibly, but there is no actual guarantee. Samsung has identified one potential cause for the exploding phones related to the battery used in the phones. However, there could be other underlying causes for the problems which have yet to be fully identified.

As a result of the exploding phones, the FAA and other air travel regulatory agencies around the world are banning Note 7s on all commercial airlines. People found with a Note 7 on a United States air carrier could face federal prosecution including being arrested and paying a hefty fine.

The reason for the ban should be obvious – anyone with a Note 7 in an airplane is not only placing their own life at risk, but that of every other person on the plane, too! If the phone were to explode or catch fire, it could result in blowing out a small section of the plane or a fire that could quickly spread.

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