13 Jul

The Growing Industry of Data Recovery

Data is data until it’s gone.

With every computer comes data storage: data that can be deleted, stolen, or corrupted. Technology has historically acted in unpredictable and nerve-racking ways:

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  • A virus could wipe out data.
  • An employee might choose to delete data for malicious reasons.
  • A natural disaster could destroy the computer containing your files.

This industry of data recovery is growing as more companies are relying on computers for their day-to-day operations.

Complex Systems Lead to Complex Problems

The information systems and technology industry has brought significant advancements to the way organizations work and, with it, an ever-increasing reliance on data storage.

With companies storing essential data on computers, the information is susceptible to being deleted, stolen, or corrupted. Companies find it increasingly difficult to retain an expert on staff that is familiar with data recovery and available in the event of a disaster. The first specialists in the field received panicked phone calls and used proprietary software tools to recover business-critical data.

These organizations fed the need for data recovery specialists to be incorporated into managed service providers, and in some cases as specialized providers, experts in the niche of recovering what would otherwise be lost forever!

An Evolving Industry

Data recovery is a relatively new field with companies looking to capitalize on emerging technology. This industry is still tight-knit, and only a handful of companies have the technology and capability to meet the demands of the largest client companies in the world.

With the emergence of specialized data recovery companies came much-enhanced tools. Still, it is not always possible to anticipate what problems might occur with each type of equipment until an actual crisis happens. Data recovery services require ongoing dedication to cutting-edge methods in software and hardware recovery.

Partnerships Built on Trust

A business in crisis mode requiring data recovery assistance must put complete trust in the company to which they give responsibility to recover their business-critical data.

The data recovery specialist now becomes a partner for a time, having seen and solved similar problems before. The company in crisis mode wants an organization with excellent customer service skills and superior technical skills.

Building Relationships and Business Continuity Plans

The new era of the industry is seeing companies building relationships into their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Continuous improvement has been made in operational planning, where high-level commitment is made to ensure that a partnering service is ready and available when a crisis hits.

Data recovery companies are required to be at the forefront of innovation, staying ahead of clients and helping clients along with planning for emergencies.

We believe the industry’s future belongs to companies that can master both the technical needs and the service provider partnership that clients require.

If you have questions or would like to proactively prepare for the possibility of data loss from your complex storage systems or computer systems, please feel free to contact Taking It Mobile at 888.877.5002 (1-888-Call-TIM) today!

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