09 Aug

The Right Way to Dispose of Old Computer Equipment

In the past, when you got a new computer, it was perfectly acceptable to donate the old computer to a charity, school, or toss it in the trash if it had stopped working. However, today, you need to be more careful with how you dispose of old computer equipment. Not only are their environmental factors to consider, but also data risks, where information stored on the old computer’s hard drive could accidently fall into the wrong person’s hands.

Environmental Concerns

Computers and related equipment are harmful for the environment if they are not disposed of correctly. In recent years, “e-waste” (electronic waste) has become one of the fastest growing segments of waste materials. Mercury, lead, and other harmful chemicals are released into the ground from computers and electronic equipment dumped in landfills. These chemicals can damage the soil and water, as well as hurt wildlife.

Further, computers and other computing devices contain precious metals, plastics, and other materials which can be recycled and reused. With metals, there is only a limited number of raw metal sources in the earth and once these are all used up, there earth cannot make more. Plastics are made from petroleum products and have an effect on fuel prices. When plastics can be recycled and reused, it helps preserve petroleum products for other uses. It will be up to people, like yourself, to ensure responsible computer recycling is utilized.

Data Risks and Concerns

The data on your old computer’s hard drive is still accessible even if you reformatted the hard drive before disposing of the computer. There are small remnants of the data left on the hard drive which can be recovered and restored if someone has the right tools and equipment. Do you really want your personal data, files, and information potentially being mined from an old hard drive in an old computer you got rid of?

In cases where the hard drive crashed and no longer worked, there is still data that can be accessed on working segments and areas of the drive. If you think placing a strong magnet next to the hard drive will erase the data, think again. The best way to ensure your data is protected is to use a professional hard drive data recovery company in Toronto. A recovery company not only provides the option to recover data from non-working hard drives, but also guarantees the hard drive is properly formatted and erased.

In the event you want to donate your computers to a charity or school, make sure to have them professionally erased and reformatted first. Should you simply want to get rid of your old computer equipment and want to make sure it is responsibly recycled, check with data recovery companies in Toronto. Some offer a free recycling programme, like Taking It Mobile Data Solutions.

At Taking It Mobile Data Solutions, we take the guesswork out of proper disposal of old computers and related equipment and offer complimentary recycling for companies and individuals. For more information about this service or to learn about our data recovery services, feel free to contact us at 905-597-6223.

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