25 May

Are Video Gaming Consoles Vulnerable to Viruses and Malware?

Gaming systems today have essentially become a type of computer. While gaming consoles have not reached the stage where they are easily susceptible to viruses and malware, like other devices, there are still ways hackers attempt to gain access. One of the most popular methods is to attack online gaming accounts.


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Online games you play through your video game system are prone to attacks by cyber criminals. Their objective is to obtain your account and password information. They then use this to steal your online gaming account.

For instance, they can transfer items out of your online gaming inventory such as weapons and your virtual money. These items have real-world cash value when sold on the black market. In addition, if your credit or debit card is tied to your online game account for in-game purchases, hackers can use this to purchase more in-game items then steal them.

How Do Hackers Gain Access?

There are several different methods hackers will use to attempt to gain access to your online gaming accounts. One method is to use “spoofed” emails that look like they came from the actual gaming company.

The emails will often say there was a problem with your payment method or your account was suspended for some reason. When you click the link in the email, it activates malware that tracks and records your keystrokes to obtain your user credentials and/or your credit or debit card payment information.

Another way hackers gain access is through in-game chat messages. They might post a message offering a discount on certain in-game items or virtual money you can buy online by going to a website.

When you go to the website and make your purchase, you have just given the hacker your payment information and user account details. Rather than see the items show up in your inbox, you notice your in-game account has been stolen.

A third way which hackers access online gaming account information is by directly attacking the company that manages in-game transactions and payments. If a data breach occurs, your account details could be at risk.

What Can Be Done to Keep Gaming Accounts More Secure

  • You should always choose a complex password for online gaming accounts. Never use the same password for all of your accounts. Also change the password every three months.
  • Be aware of current email scams, in-game messaging scams and other suspicious activities. Report any suspicious activity to the appropriate party.
  • Be careful what information you divulge on online gaming forums. Some sites will try to get you to supply your in-game user name, account password or other details to gain access.
  • Make sure your home Wi-Fi network is secure. Every wired and wireless device in your home is connected. If the network is not secure, malware on your laptop could be used to access your gaming system and record your user account details.


In the event your user account or payment information is stolen, report it right away to the appropriate party.

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