26 Apr

Warning Signs Your Hard Disk Drive Could Be Failing

The hard disk drive in your desktop or laptop computer, and even the ones used in modern video gaming systems do eventually start to wear out for various reasons. One of the more common reasons for failure is from the numerous times we make changes to the data on the drive, from reading existing data and writing new data to deleting data we no longer need.

Warning Signs Your Hard Disk Drive Could Be Failing

There is a limit to the number of times the drive will successfully perform these operations and before bad sectors start to develop and eventually lead to complete drive failure. There are two different types of bad sectors you can encounter: software bad sectors and hard drive bad sectors. With bad sectors related to software, these are easy to fix by using a utility program as they are normally related to data not being written to the drive correctly when you installed the software app.

With hard drive bad sectors, the problem is on the hard disk itself and cannot easily be repaired. Initially, the computer or gaming system will attempt to mark the sectors as bad and skip writing data to them. However, depending on the actual number of bad sectors, it can slowly eat away at your available storage and is a major early warning sign the disk is wearing out.

Aside from bad sectors, other common types of early warning signs include:

1. Freezing/Locking Up – From time to time our computers and gaming systems can lock up or freeze and are easily fixed with a quick reboot of the system. However, if the frequency is increasing and becoming a daily occurrence, then your hard drive could be failing.

2. Unusual Noises – If you notice clicking, grinding, or other unusual noises coming from the computer or game system while trying to load or save data, it often indicates a problem with the drive and potential failure.

3. Unable to Find Saved Data – If you saved data and then later attempt to access it, but it is gone, this means there is a mechanical problem with the disk drive and it can no longer access the data, so it will display a message, such as “File Not Found.”

4. Errors Loading or Saving Data – Another warning sign is when you get errors attempting to load or save data. The data could be corrupt or there could be bad sectors on the disk drive.

5. Sounds and/or Images Problems – If you frame rates skip, jerk, or do not appear to be displaying correctly or the sounds seem jumbled or skipping, these are signed the disk drive in starting to fail.

If you discover bad sectors or any of the above problems, the first thing you will want to do is attempt to backup all of your vital data immediately, either to an external storage device or the Cloud. If your data backup does not work or if the drive stops working, all may not be lost with help from experienced Toronto hard disk recovery service, Taking It Mobile. Contact us today at 1-888-CALL-TIM (1.888.225.5846) for a free quote and further information about our recovery services.

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