28 Jun

Why Do I Keep Getting Viruses on My Devices?

You installed anti-virus protection on your computer, smartphone, and tablet devices, yet for some reason they keep getting infected. Your device crashes or you get strange pop-ups. You are worried about your personal data, time spent removing the problem, and other concerns and just want to know how to make this problem stop.

Getting Virus on device


Well, there can be several reason why you keep getting viruses on your devices which could include:

  1. Your anti-virus app is out-of-date.

New viruses are being released all the time. If you merely installed the app and never update it, then you will not be protected from every new virus that has come out since you first installed it.

It is important to update your anti-virus app on a regular basis. There should be settings within the app to enable automatic updating or you can manually check for updates. It is a good idea to check for updates at least once a week.

  1. Your anti-virus app is insufficient for your needs.

There are all sorts of anti-virus apps these days from free ones to ones that require a monthly subscription fee. It is important to verify exactly what your app will and will not do. For instance, some apps will only scan and quarantine viruses, but are not able to remove them from the device. Other apps may also be limited to only checking for viruses, but not malware or other malicious software.

  1. You are accessing the internet over unsecure networks.

If you are connecting to the internet over unsecured wireless or wired connections, it is possible for hackers to upload viruses onto your devices without your knowledge. You will want to make sure any network you connect to is secure.

  • Tip: If you have wireless printers, by default they are an unsecure connection to your wireless or wired network. Remember to enable security settings on any wireless printers connected to your network.
  1. Your firewall is not enabled.

Firewalls help keep out intruders and can prevent viruses when turned on. If you upgraded your wireless router, or other equipment used to connect to the internet, make sure the firewall has been enabled. Keep in mind not all firewalls offer the same level of protection, so you might want to upgrade to a better equipment setup.

  1. You don’t read websites’ terms and conditions.

You might click “yes” on a website without reading the actual terms and conditions. Doing so could allow the website to automatically install software onto your device. Sometimes these pop-up agreements contain viruses and malware, so always read them before clicking “yes.”

While it is not entirely possible to protect yourself from every threat, you can take steps to be more cautious. If your device gets infected and crashes and will not start up, you can get help recovering you data off the device from Taking It Mobile. Please feel free to contact us at 1-888-Call-TIM or 1.888.877.5002 today!

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