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Why Does My Small Business Need Data Backups?

Need Data Backups in Toronto

Hackers and the malicious apps they create are often targeted towards businesses more so than individuals. These threats pose serious risks for small business owners, who often have weak data security.

Reason #1: Protection from Hackers

Viruses, trojans, and ransomware can all pose problems for your small business and its day-to-day operations. What were you to do, if you were to turn on your computer and see a pop-up saying your computer had been taken hostage?

With regular data backups, you could wipe the computer and restore the data to get back to business as normal. Without one, you would be stuck either paying the ransom or potentially losing all your data.

Reason #2: Protection from Disasters

Another reason your small business needs to perform regular data backups is from physical disasters. A fire, broken water line, or another natural disaster could destroy your business and your computer equipment. Having a backup stored offsite ensures you can recover your data.

Another type of disaster that can occur is when hardware fails. Your hard drive could crash and no longer be bootable. You could experience a power surge that fries all the electronic components inside your computer. Either way, unless you have a data backup to fall back on, everything is lost.

What Type of Data Backups Does My Small Business Need?

You should utilize at least two types of data backups to ensure your data will be available if you need it. For example, you may store one copy at an offsite location and another copy in the cloud. If the offsite location is destroyed, you still have your data backup in the cloud.

You will also want to perform daily backups to have access to the most recent data. Running backups weekly or monthly could potentially cause you to lose any new data for this period. The less data you lose, the better it is for your small business.

How Does Having Data Backups Help My Small Business?

Let’s say your computer is hacked or your experience a disaster of some sort. Having data backups means you still have access to your small business’ data, like customer contacts, leads, payroll data, sales data, etc.

Once your hardware is prepared, you can quickly load the data back onto the computer. After it is reinstalled, you can get back to business as normal.

What If I Don’t Have a Data Backup and My Storage Device Failed?

You can try a data recovery service to see if they can help recover any data from the failed storage device. In some cases, depending on the cause of the failure, your data may still be recoverable. In other cases, it may not.

Regardless of whether your data can be recovered or not, you should view this as an important lesson to start performing data backups.

For help recovering data from computers, servers, removable storage devices, or other complex storage systems, please feel free to contact Taking It Mobile at 888.877.5002 (1-888-Call-Tim) today!

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